Causes: The main causes and factors of the occurrence of cervical syndrome. * Working environment (bad position) * The occupation * sex - age * Body weight * Neck Injuries

  * Pain in the cervical spine * Reduced functionality of the cervical spine * Instability of the neck * Dizziness * Vertigo * Headaches * Numbness that may extend up the fingers (Shane shoulder syndrome) * Frequent irritability, stress, obsession

Diagnosis: Radiography of the cervical spine, if necessary magnitiki imaging (MRI).   Physiotherapy treatment:   The aim of physiotherapy is to reduce pain and restore function of the neck. So we apply various means of physiotherapy, such as: TENS, Laser, Laser therapy, diathermy, and finally combined techniques of mobilization of the cervical spine (Manual therapy, Mc Kenzie) and application of massage so that the patient returns in activities without any problems and pain .