Eight in ten adults sometime in their life will experience "backpain." It is a very annoying symptom, which at best limits the daily activities of an individual. Sometimes back pain accompanied by sciatica, pain that extends along the thigh, leg, reaching up to the toes. It is vey often also the numbness of the fingers.

Types of low Backache:

*Acute, lasting until six weeks
*Sub-acute, lasting from six to twelve weeks
*Times, last more than twelve weeks


Most of the times needed radiograph lumbar spine, from there doctor will determine whether the need for further examination with CT or MRI, blood tests, urine tests, scans.

Analgesics, muscle relaxants and anti-inflammatory drugs, physiotherapy and application specific exercises (physiotherapy) Use special waist belt, injections of cortisone and if surgery is required.
Physical therapy treatment of Backache.

The main objective of our back pain is to remove the pain without medication. In the subacute stage, the patient undergoes an intensive program of physiotherapy, including: Analgesics currents (TENS), Laser, ultrasound, diathermy, mobilization techniques of the lumbar spine.