High intensity laser therapy (HILT-terapia)

Hilterapia® is a therapeutic technique based on an exclusive high-intensity laser emission (HILT® = High Intensity Therapy) that, working in absolute safety, allows to obtain an effective in depth therapeutic action.

Ideal for treatment of painful pathologies affecting the osteo-muscular-articular apparatus, from the most superficial up to the deepest ones.

Thanks to a specific patented impulse, Hilterapia® reaches very high peak powers (1-3 kW) with a pulsed Nd:YAG  source (wavelength 1064 nm).

The high intensity reached (up to 15.000 W/cm2), unattained by other laser technologies currently available, allows to heal effectively even deep chronic lesions. In fact, if the objective is to provide a healing treatment besides symptomatic, it is necessary to supply energy in the most suitable way.

It was experimentally proven that chronic and deep seated lesions and osteo-arthritis need to receive a great quantity of energy in depth to be able to induce a biological answer.

The high intensity and the big impact of energy of HILT impulse allow to promote not only the analgesic, anti-inflammatory and anti-oedema effect, but also a real reparative and regenerative process. The characteristics of duration and frequency of the HILT impulse grant to work safely, with respect of the thermal relaxation of tissue, thus avoiding any damaging effects.

Besides this deep healing action, Hilterapia® is also strikingly effective on the painful symptom and on the articular mobility; this allows to immediately start the rehabilitation program and gives immediate relief to the patient.